Intergenerational Sundays or G.I.F.T.

G.I.F.T stands for Generations In Faith Together.  This indeed is a gift that is meant to be shared.  Intergenerational Faith Formation is gaining recognition as being vital for faith communities.  In his article “Becoming Intentionally Intergenerational”, John Roberto lists many of the benefits of intergenerational faith formation:

Bringing generations together within the church provides benefits and blessings on a variety of levels.
Insights from research and pastoral experience tell us that being intentionally intergenerational. . .
• reclaims God’s intent for faith to be shared in community and across generations
• affirms each person’s value in the total community (regardless of age).
• fosters a foundation of support of each other’s concerns, interests, and activities
• provides “up close and personal” formation in faith as children, teens, young adults, middle-aged adults,
and older adults engage in sharing faith, teaching, learning, and praying for one another
• teaches us to care for one another
• provides role models for children and youth
• teaches us to value older adults
• allows us to pass on the traditions of family and faith
• enhances people’s identification with their congregation and integration within the community
• encourages greater faith in all generations
• creates special relationships between adults and youth
• fosters leadership regardless of age or stature
• utilizes the strengths (the wisdom, experience, and knowledge) of one generation to meet the needs of
another generation
• promotes understanding of shared values and respect for individuals in all stages and ages of life
• utilizes the creative talents of younger and older generations to provide service to the church and
• overcomes the age-segregated nature of our society, taking a pro-active, counter-cultural stance in the
face of the countless ways society separates and pigeon-holes into age-specific groups

St. Paul is strives to be an intergenerational congregation and we gather together once a month during the Faith Trek hour.  All ages are invited, welcome and needed to attend.  Each and every one of us can bless and be blessed by one another.

Intergenerational Faith Trek Sundays  (in planning)




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