A Stewardship Myth:

God has blessed us in this country with many wonderful things to enjoy.

If we see ourselves as consumers of God’s blessings – recipients of His gifts – then this statement is true. However, if we see ourselves as the Bible describes us – stewards of things that really don’t belong to us – then we most certainly need to rephrase that sentence. We are neither deserving nor special. God has not blessed us, but endowed us. With such great wealth comes great responsibility. Furthermore, if we think that God gave us all of these things just so we could be more
comfortable, then we really don’t understand what He has been telling us in His Word.

God has never indicated that he calls us to live comfortably. He calls us to live usefully. Being a steward means using the endowments that God places in our lives to be in service to others.

We live in a world where only about 1/4 of the population knows Jesus. In our world, 1/2 of the people are constantly hungry. In our world, 3/5 of the people live in shanties. In our world 7/10 of the people are unable to read, even in their own language. With God’s great endowments comes great responsibility to use those endowments in the service of humankind. Once again, we are only stewards of that which belongs to someone else.

This is the second in a series of ten articles from the Lutheran that¬† discusses some common stewardship misunderstandings or myths. This series flows from a section of the study, “In Heaven’s Name, Why on Earth,” a stewardship study for congregations published by Crossways, International.

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