Faith Stepping Stones

Faith Stepping Stones are special moments in a child’s life where they receive God’s free gift of love (Grace) through the Sacraments (Baptism and Holy Communion) and God’s Word.  They are opportunities for parents and children to grow in understanding the benefits of these gifts and how they form and shape each of us for serving in Jesus’ name and sharing the Good News to all.

Each Faith Stepping Stone is also an opportunity to equip families to receive God’s gifts not only once or twice a week at church, but to hear God’s Word and gather for sharing and prayer every day at home.  Click here to learn more about the importance of home devotions from Pastor Rich Melheim, founder of Faith Inkubators, from which St. Paul’s Faith Stepping Stone program has been adapted.

Currently, there are four Faith Stepping Stones at St. Paul: Baptism, First Communion, First Bible, and Affirmation.  Click for more information on each Stepping Stone:


First Communion

First Bible



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