First Bible

“So faith comes from what is heard, and what is heard comes through the word of Christ.” Romans 10:17

The Holy Bible is one of the most important gifts a child can receive.  But unless it is read, listened to, or studied, God’s Word cannot fully  take root in our hearts.  Hearing the Word proclaimed on Sunday morning in worship and in Faith Trek is essential, but Sundays should be a springboard for time spent in God’s Word throughout the week through family devotional and personal prayer time.  Being rooted in God’s Word produces the fruits of the Spirit in our lives (see John 15).  If you want to pass on the Christian faith to your children, opening up the Bible together while they are young is an invaluable gift.

The First Bible Stepping Stone helps children and parents gain a basic understanding of the main stories and themes of the Bible, as well as a list of key verses, so that they are able to dive into the Bible on their own at home, hopefully every day.  Imagine the gift you could give your child if they could hear Scripture as often as they hear a McDonald’s commercial.

The First Bible Faith Stepping Stone is 6-8 sessions to cover all the different sections of the Bible, often held in the summer on Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings.  Sometimes it is offered every other year, based on interest.  The recommended age for First Bible is children entering 3rd-4th grade, so that they will be able to participate in the group discussion and read along.

Please see Pastor Judy if you would like a Bible recommendation, or if your child is ready for the First Bible Stepping Stone.  See below for two Bibles that correspond to Sunday morning Faith Trek groups from K-4th grade.

The Spark Bible is for grades 3-9.

The Spark Story Bible is for ages pre-K-2nd grade.

Click on each book to order from Augsburg Fortress.


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