Small Groups

“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds, so that you may discern what is the will of God – what is good and acceptable and perfect”  (Romans 12:2)

There’s no doubt that joining a small group for the first time can be scary.  You may wonder how you will fit in, if you know enough not to be embarrassed, and if you have enough time to carve an hour out of your busy week. 

But if you are looking to grow in your relationship with God, to learn more about what the Bible and the Christian faith is all about, or are just hungry for something more in your life, joining a small group is the way to go.  Small groups provide an atmosphere where the Holy Spirit can transform lives. 

Click here for a list of our Sunday morning small groups.

Click here for a list of our weekday small groups.

 If there is not currently a small group that works for your schedule or interest, please talk with Pastor Judy or Sherie Hanft and they will work with you to find a leader (or train you if you are willing), select materials, and get the word out that a new group is beginning.  Here are the guidelines for a small group: 

According to the Intersections Small Group Series published by Augsburg Fortress, Small groups are:

  • Small – 7-10 people is ideal so that everyone can be heard and no one’s voice is lost
  • Intentional – Commitment to the group is a priority
  • Personal – Sharing experiences and insights is more important than mastering content
  • Conversational – leaders that facilitiate conversation, rather than teach, are the key to encouraging participation.
  • Friendly – Having a warm, accepting, nonjudgemental atmosphere is essential
  • Christ-Centered – The small group experience is biblically based, related to the real world, and founded on Christ.




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