Adult Ministry

Perhaps you are single, divorced, or your kids are grown.  Maybe your spouse is not a churchgoer.  Or maybe you find yourself in a place in life where you don’t fit into the “traditional” categories.  Is there a group at St. Paul that can help you feed your faith?

St. Paul is not a huge church with countless specialized groups.  But the advantage of a church like St. Paul is that people from many walks and stages of life get the chance to sit down together and listen and learn from each other.  Small groups at St. Paul are made up of people who might not have become friends outside of church, but as sisters and brothers in Christ, have learned that true community is a gathering of people who are different.  Just look up 1 Corinthians 12.

Wherever you are in your adult life, try a fellowship activity, join a small group, serve in a ministry, and know that what makes you different becomes a strength to the group that you join.  And if you have an idea in mind that is not currently happening, perhaps others like you are also feeling called to begin something new.

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