The Fellowship Work Group is looking for new volunteers! 

People with the gift of hospitality are needed for the following ministries:

  • Those who are willing to serve in one hospitality ministry that have small time demands and repeat monthly or quarterly  (examples include–making coffee on Sunday mornings or cleaning up after worship; buying a cake and punch for occasional receptions; or making sure we have plates and supplies for each potluck).
  • Those who are able to organize one fellowship event a year (for example–the church picnic or the Easter Vigil reception).  More time is needed but the event only happens annually.
  • Those who are willing to cook one or two meals for Wednesday dinners each year.

If there are certain times of the year you are more free than others, or if you don’t like going to meetings, fellowship is a great ministry for you.

A fellowship coordinator (or two if you would like to work with a friend) would be helpful in delegating upcoming fellowship events and receptions to the appropriate volunteers.  This person would organize the Wednesday dinner schedule each summer for the coming year.

If you feel called to a ministry of hospitality, please contact Pastor Tom, the staff liason to the Fellowship Work Group.


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