Gabriella Moir
Administrative Minister

Surrounded by people at St. Paul who are passionate about their faith walk is a constant feeding of my own.  I am a proud mom to two boys, Jack – nearly 15 and Joe -12.  One of my greatest hopes is that as their steward, I will nurture in them the passion to be active participants in their faith journey, and not be content to be passive observers.

I am a graduate of Bowling Green State University with a B.A. in Political Science and Geography.   My favorite times are spent enjoying family and friends and I’ve been known to spend more than a few Saturdays and Sundays at country auctions or out of the way shops hunting for primitive antiques.

When I officially began my faith walk I asked for God’s peace.  I am blessed to live each day with that peace, and I ask for the grace from God to recognize it.  Peace be with you.

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