Guiding Principles & Values

  •  Worship is central to our Christian life.
  • God’s rich gifts and Christ’s mission compel us to enter into “good news“ relationships of sharing and understanding with all people, including those who differ from us in race, faith, culture, and socio-economic status.
  • Scripture is an authoritative guide, and it is important to seek to understand the context and totality of the scriptures.
  • We recognize that we are the inheritors of a rich Christian tradition and Lutheran heritage passed on by holy and wise people.
  • We seek to understand, value, and incorporate the gift of prayer in our lives.
  • We recognize, support, and encourage faith lived out in all areas of life.
  • We welcome and encourage questions from those struggling with and seeking to grow in their faith.
  • We seek to support each other in grappling with the difficult moral and ethical decisions that face us.
  • An important component of Christian formation is the modeling behavior of adults who are responding faithfully to the mission of Jesus Christ.

Established in 2003

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