Sunday Small Groups

Faith Trek

On Sunday morning at 9:45am-10:45am, there is a time for small groups for all ages called “Faith Trek.”  This hour each week is not called  “Sunday School” at St. Paul because of the conviction that growing in your faith in Jesus is more than learning the right answers in a classroom setting.  Instead, Faith Trek is about meeting others, hearing each other’s stories, hearing God’s story given to us in the Bible and learning what this means for every day living.  Faith in Jesus is a journey, a “faith trek,” and we need each other as we navigate life’s wildernesses.

Click here for Faith Trek registration information for children through 12th grade.

Adult Faith Trek Groups (Fall 2016):

Jerry and Ruth Goodson will lead the Bethel Bible Series.  The Bethel Bible Series is a 2 year overview of the bible that examines the major themes that run throughout both the Old and New Testament.

Cathy Doering will lead a Spiritual Gifts Study – Gifted by Grace by Pastor Jeff Carver.  This study will help us figure out what our spiritual gifts are (everyone has at least one) and how to use them in our church.

Spiritual Quest is a well-established group that meets in the library. 

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