Serving at the Sharing Center

You don’t have to be a member of St. Paul to help at the Sharing Center.  The Sharing Center ministry relies on the support of local schools, surrounding churches, scouting and other groups, and individual volunteers of all ages.  Here are some ways you can help:

1) Donating food and/or money to buy food–The church office is open Monday-Friday, typically from 9am-3pm.  You can drop off items in a basket near the front entrance (accessed by parking in the spaces right on Rt. 162).  Monetary donations can be given to the church office staff.  Consider organizing a food drive in your neighborhood, workplace, or organization.

2)  Friday evening volunteers–Volunteers are needed on Fridays from 6:00 to around 8:30pm while the Sharing Center is open.  Some volunteers work at the table which signs clients in and files the paperwork, and some volunteers walk with the clients through the Sharing Center to help them select the right amount of food for their family size.  Children as young as elementary-age help on Fridays.  Friday volunteers typically work once every three months.

3) Thursday and Friday stockers–Volunteers are needed on Thursday and Friday mornings to help stock the shelves with donated and delivered food.  Thursday volunteers gather weekly, and Friday volunteers are only needed when an Akron Canton Foodbank order is being delivered by the Medina County truck.  Because the delivery time varies, some flexibility is needed for Friday volunteers.

4) Drivers–Drivers are needed to go to the Akron Canton Foodbank in downtown Akron to pick up orders on Thursday mornings on a rotational basis.  A larger vehicle is needed, such as a truck, SUV, or van.  The Medina County Hunger Task Force is also looking for volunteers to drive their truck on Fridays to the different Medina County food pantries that have made orders.

5) School food drive volunteers–Several times throughout the school year, Highland schools have food drives for the Sharing Center.  Help is needed to pick up the food from the schools and bring it to the Sharing Center.  Because of the high volume of food, extra stocking help is also needed during these times.

6) Cleaning–The Sharing Center gets a lot of traffic.  Every fall, there is a thorough cleaning of the Sharing Center floors, freezers, shelves, and all surfaces.  Other cleaning help throughout the year is also welcome.

If you have any questions or would like more information on how you can volunteer, please contact the church office at  Thank you for helping to feed Medina County families in need, sharing with them the love of Jesus Christ.

For all current volunteers:

To be in compliance with Akron Canton Foodbank requirements, and to ensure all people are treated with dignity and fairness, all volunteers must annually complete the Civil Rights Training Checklist.  Review the powerpoint below, and then complete and sign the checklist (hard copies are available in an envelope on the Sharing Center bulletin board).  Completed checklists can be returned to the Sharing Center box behind the door in the church office, or in the envelope on the Sharing Center bulletin board.  If you do not have Microsoft Powerpoint on your computer, you can download a free powerpoint viewer by clicking here.

Civil Rights Training

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