Junior High

Welcome junior high youth and parents!

The junior high years are sometimes a challenging time, and to help support your family, St. Paul junior high youth ministry involves both youth and parents.  (Don’t worry, it’s more fun than it sounds, and you’re not together all the time!)  The primary weekly gathering time is during Sunday morning Faith Trek at 9:45am on the third floor.  In addition, there are many learning, fun, and serving experiences that help us to know Jesus and what faith in Christ means for daily living.

Junior high is also the time that children who would like to affirm their baptism (often called confirmation in other churches) begin their preparations with the help and guidance of adult leaders and parents.  Click here to learn more about Affirmation at St. Paul.

Preparation for Affirmation is not a requirement of participating in Sunday morning Faith Trek or any of the other fellowship and service activities.  Anyone is welcome to come–invite friends!


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