Worship at St. Paul

Child care: 

Child care is available for children under the age of 5 years in the nursery. However, all – even our youngest brothers and sisters – are welcome and encouraged to gather in worship.

What to wear to worship?

Generally, people dress casually for worship.  A few people like to dress up according to their family traditions, but you are welcome to wear what is most comfortable for you.

As you enter the worship space:

All who worship on Sunday mornings will see the Baptismal Font. Feel free to dip your fingers in the water and mark the sign of the cross on your forehead. As you leave worship, you are invited to sign yourself with the cross, a sign that the promises of your Baptism go with you.

Worship style:

St. Paul worship is liturgical, which means “the work of the people.”  Not just one or two leaders are doing everything, but instead there is a dialogue between God and all of God’s people through singing, praying, listening for and speaking God’s Word.  Worship at St. Paul is musically rich, blending classic hymns with new music, using piano, organ, and other instruments.  Worship is Scripture-centered–much of the worship liturgy comes directly from the Bible.  Holy Communion is offered at every worship service.   A bulletin and and a screen make worship easy for newcomers to participate.

About the offering:

God’s forgiveness is free in Jesus Christ.  If you are a guest, know that you are not obligated to give an offering.  It is not a way to “pay” for services rendered. Offerings are given joyfully as an act of faith and thanksgiving to God for the salvation God has given us in Jesus, and to support the mission He has for us.  With this in mind, everyone is welcome to give an offering.

About Holy Communion-the Lord’s Supper

 We believe that Jesus is the host of the Holy Communion meal.  All gathered are guests invited by Christ. Therefore, regardless of your Christian affiliation, you are welcome to come and be fed by the bread and wine, Christ’s body and blood.  If you choose not to receive Communion, you may also come forward for a blessing.

We believe that Jesus is truly present in the bread and wine.  At the table of our Lord Jesus Christ, God nourishes faith, forgives sin, and calls us to be witnesses to the Gospel.

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